Mrs B @ UWC
On Travel by UggBoy+UggGirl

1. Travel broadens the mind. Living and working overseas has taught me so much about understanding and appreciating cultural diversity. I am a much better person/educator/parent for having traveled.

Chrysalis by MrWoodnz

2. Change is inevitable. Some people find it hard to deal with, but I think it is a part of life we have to get used to.

Macheads by me
3. Working with young people is an amazing privilege. It is a pleasure to see the way my students grow up, the decisions they make, and the people they become. I watch you with pride.

Time Travel by Ben Dodson

4. My best ideas sometimes come at 2am. While this is frequently annoying, it is also very energizing.

By Kate Griffiths

5. Having children is the most challenging and most rewarding thing I will ever do. When you have kids, a little piece of your heart lives in them forever.

Balloons Over Waikato by me

6. Home isn't always a fixed place. I think home is where my family is, and right now, that is both Singapore AND NZ.

Whanau by me

7. You can't choose your family, but if you could, I'd choose every member of mine.
The whole, mad lot of them.

Tech Friends by me

8. Technology has helped me turn strangers into friends. I will be eternally grateful for this.

Bookshelf Spectrum Revisited by Chotda

9. I am thankful I have a love of reading. I can escape to another world and not even hear people around me with a good book. Reading has given me a huge amount of pleasure in my life.

UWC Staff by Fazree

10. When you live overseas, your friends become your family. I am surrounded with a fabulously supportive group of friends & colleagues who enrich my life. How lucky am I?

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